What Really am I as an OFW

What am I as an OFW

What really am I as an OFW
Yes, I’m an Overseas Filipino Worker, one of the 11 million + working overseas according to OFW statistics and can be considered as temporary workers also at any given time. Still, I’m a part of the Filipino Population around the world who eagerly works for the love of family.

What Society thinks of me
“I can’t stay here anymore, we are not well-paid.” one of my office mates who graduated Magna Cum Laude from a University told me that in the Philippines, the salary of Clerk is not more than P10,000 – deductions. So, why must anyone go into grave debts and keep on struggling?  The answer, simple… get out of the Philippines and find a well-paid job in another country. And so here we are, Filipinos abroad. Now that we’ve become Filipino Overseas Workers, some are thinking that money can just be picked around the bushes of trees here. They really don’t know what is in the OFW diaries.

What my family and relative thinks I do
Needless to say as OFWs, our earnings are directly sent to our families to support them. What is sometimes hard to think and accept is that some of our family and relatives think that we only do shopping and sleep in hammocks on the beach here. They  become so dependent on the next remittance we send and do not even think of saving the rest of what we earn.

What Agency thinks of me
Many Filipinos now dream of becoming OFWs. A permanent fixture in Philippine society now is when one goes to an Agency, which to some applicants, is the agonizing part of going out of country only to fulfill one’s heart’s desire. This can be compared to the constant reminder of our family when we are going out to “watch out for your pocket and bag, someone might rob you”. We need to be extra careful and be very vigilant. We should always consider the legality of the agency and procedure according to POEA standards.

What Employer thinks of me
According to POEA, there are plenty OFWs who are employed in 3D jobs : dirty, difficult and dangerous with unfair working conditions, long hours, low pay and human rights abuse + co workers with crab mentality and racism factor. But some are still afraid to complain about all of these, as they will lose their jobs. Some employers think that Filipinos  are the new generation robots.

What I think I do
Obviously, there is tremendous competition to find professional employment overseas, so you should be more qualified than the other thousand applicants. This only means that we need to be more above qualified OFWs. Think about being globally competitive.

What I actually do
What I mentioned before does not mean negative things but this is “Fact” not an imagination or what we only hear.
So what I actually do? or we as an OFW?
WE trust God because He has all the power to always keep us in good hands. I believe that everything has a purpose of making things work according to His will. Sometimes, as an OFW battling a lonely heart in the midst of trials, sickness and suffering our belief in God becomes shallow. But God is always with us, that He cares for us, He has everything under control and this is the most important thing an OFW should have…a strong faith in God.

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4 thoughts on “What Really am I as an OFW

  1. There are actually 3 persons in a person.
    1. What he thinks who he is.
    2. What other people think who he is.
    3. And the real him especially when he is alone.
    I like the moment when I am alone. This is the time when it is between me and my God, and not between me and them.


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