Tres,OFW Successful Male RN

 Tres responded to an emergency call at 112 but the location was in the desert so he had to walk from the highway to the tent where the shepherd, an Ethiopian, was screaming in pain. Upon checking, he assessed that there might be some hip dislocation. With limited resources, Tres put the patient on flat hard wood to transport him out of the desert.

Ludovico Octaviano Baqueriza III or Tres to friends and colleagues was born on April 22, 1981 in Ajuy, Iloilo, Philippines. He graduated with honors from ALEJO POSADAS MEMORIAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (1994) and AJUY POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE (1998). Having nurtured the dream to be of service to others, he went on to pursue Nursing at WEST VISAYAS STATE UNIVERSITY in La Paz, Iloilo City where he graduated with honors and various accolades in 2003. Tres passed the Integrated Comprehensive Nurses Licensure Examination (ICNLE) in June of the same year, thus, becoming a Registered Nurse.

Practicing his profession, Tres became a Post Graduate Nurse Trainee at Iloilo Mission Hospital (August-December 2003). Between significant intervals in 2004-2005, he also took necessary exams to enhance his skills and knowledge while employed as a Clinical Instructor at STI Iloilo for a semester. In between his work as Clinical Instructor II at the University of San Agustin from June 2005 to October 2009, he passed the NCLEX in May 2008, making Tres eligible to work as a Registered Nurse in New York, USA.

To gain overseas work experience in his profession, Tres applied for a job here in Kuwait and was assigned at the Ministry of Health-EMS in Al – Jahra from December 2009 up to present. His most memorable experience as a male Nurse can be unlocked here in the Emirate.

Tres is on his way to the United States for his new employment. Being Filipino, Tres’ inherent compassion to others is worth emulating and recognizing. Congratulations for a job well done!





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