The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook Invitation

filipino bloggers slambook

A slambook dedicated to serve as an inspiration to all great Filipino Bloggers and to those who wishes to blog.

This is a short documentary of Bloggers life, focuses of his starting career and passion of blogging.

This new Technology Century movement influence almost every corner of our life now. As a result, much of time is spent exploring two-lane highways and back roads of Blogging on a never ending quest to a roadside treasure of Blogosphere world.

A great thing about the ‘proliferation’ of blogs now is that we can always find good inspiration while browsing around them.This Slambook shows an opportunity to ask who are you and who you are as a blogger. Some don’t need to be famous to have an amazing look of design but can leave to a one’s heart an inspiration that will bring them a new threshold in life.

The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook is now open for sign-up and will give you free exposure in different groups and linkings. And if luckily chosen by out Editor/Reviewer, your slambook will be included in our book/magazine publishing.

For those who sign-up already, kindly wait for your turn…everyday there will be a Blogger to be posted and you will be tagged and inform. We are sorry that this was delayed due to reviews and on-going planning for this project as a book.

And many thanks for your interest and participation in this ongoing project into/appreciation of “The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook”.

There is so much gratitude for you here and I’m grateful to you all for your continuing support and enthusiasm – thank you!

So sign- up NOW and enjoy being an inspiration today of someone’s life.

Sign- up HERE

Proverbs 11:30
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.

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4 thoughts on “The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook Invitation

  1. wow! this is a great idea and very helpful especially for newbie bloggers..they really could get a lot of inputs from those probloggers already..

    great job sis!

  2. How elated I am to be invited to join "The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook" to "great" Filipino bloggers who wish to blog. As a newcomer to blogging, it sounds "unfitting" for me to be considered as "great" blogger for I'm just beginning to familiarize the rudiments of blogging and adapting myself to the who's who in the blogosphere. But I'm quite justified upon reading a line that says: "don't need to be famous…" as long as there's an inspiration to everyone's heart.

    As a slam book per se, this as I remember when I was a high school student then, a notebook enhanced with cut-out color papers, beautifully drawn objects in the front cover and artistically lettering of the title: "My Slam Book". There your selected or best friends have written their basic info about themselves, and their favorites, hobbies, dislikes, and inspiring quotes along with their short message for you to ponder about or to laugh on.

    I believe that project will flourish for this serves as an "inspiration to all great Filipino bloggers" as a "short documentary of bloggers' life on their career and passion of blogging."


    nb: Fellow bloggers, join now! 🙂

    From RandomThoughts!


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