Letter to the President of the Philippines from Filipino in Kuwait

An Open Letter to President Rodrigo Duterte from an OFW in Kuwait

To our Beloved President “Tatay Digong”,


As a President who has expressed his firm determination to restore dignity to the Philippines, we would like to call your attention to the case of OFW in Kuwait, a rich in Oil country which has more than 270,000 Filipino workers. Kuwait is the 2nd home of some Filipino workers. However, despite its oil richness, Kuwait has been considered by some less fortunate OFW a not safe country to work regarding employer-employee treatment.


OFW in Kuwait, exceptionally skilled workers, facing difficulties of the situation (Total ban onĀ  OFW deployment to Kuwait). We have always been a believer in your extraordinary leadership as a President. However, we plead that you shall remain balance, checking both sides of the issue, not all Filipinos are suffering from the same scenario of distressed OFW. Most of Filipinos here are contented, happily working and very grateful to this country. However, 10% of the OFWs lamented the experience of inhumane and experience troubles. We know that peace, protection, and commitment must be established first, that Kuwaiti government must sign a Memorandum of Understanding which will provide additional protection for all Filipino workers in Kuwait. But may we request that deployment must be lifted for skilled workers in consideration as a 40% of the entire population of OFWs here in Kuwait.


OFW in Kuwait needs you more today, and we want you to be here for all of us, not only for Filpino workers here in Kuwait but to all OFWs. We all know that you are a man of one word, a man of action.


We are grateful to you, our beloved Mr. President “our Tatay Digong” and may our Heavenly Father give you good health and peace of mind despite the problems you are facing with Kuwait.


One for Kuwait!

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