Entry No.7 Jomar T. Sadie

Me and my Diary Contest!

In celebration of ”My Serendipitous Day”

a. Describe your Diary/Planner.

Since 2009 I have kept journals cum planners all of which are gifts from my wife who is an avid coffee drinker.

At the start of each year and therefore a new planner, I would usually miss the layout of my most recent planner, having filled it up on a daily basis.

Being a graphic designer, this sentiment would often lead me to imagining a journal layout, which would be perfect for me in any kind of year.

How have I used my journals in the first place?

It’s like this:

Daily or Weekly (ideally), I would fill up three main columns:

To Do and To Google.And The Budget for the Week.

Because most planners do not have pre-set columns as such, I often look at my planner as a “spread” and improvise.

Among these columns The Budget for the Weekis a real angel because it saves me the trouble of worrying: “Did I just drop another thousand peso bill?!” or Did I just accidentally paid someone 200 instead of 100?!” Things like that.

On the column To Google, (which turns out to be not much at all anymore or at least lately), I would jot down another column “To Buy” which often get filled up with household or hardwarestuff.

On hectic days, the To Do Column doubles: To Do, Personal and To Do, Work.

On brave days I would scribble: To Do, Big Things, which would list things I probably could not do in a month. Or two. That Big. Like losing weight or fixing the car.

I checked each item on each list whenever they get done, they get bought or they got gooooogled.

To Do, Big Things, gets checked with much of a celebration. Sometimes I would paste pictures, airplane tickets or contact lens labels on this days.

To Do, (Personal, Work or just plain “To Do”), when 80% to 90% of its contents are checked within the day I jotted them, I go home with a grin money couldn’t buy.

I think that’s called Pride.

To Do, (Personal, Work or just plain “To Do”), when 80% to 90% of its contents are checked within the first half of the day, of the same day I jotted them of course, I spend the other half of the day with a grin money couldn’t buy, and go have as much coffee as I could, and check out my Multiply, and check out the page of CielitoHabito, and flip-back at the pages of To Do, Big Things and To Want, and check out my To Google.

To Google is one of my favorites. If I were still with DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), To Do would have included things that needed to be Googled, and that would have created a confusion on whether to put things on To Do or To Google. Nowadays, luckily, To Google for me is just for recreation and education.

When watching TV or reading the papers, and I see a star that I used to watch in old TV shows his or her name goes right under To Google.

When a witty ad, website, promo or concept catches my eye, a search for it goes under To Google.

To Google is perfect aid to two othercolumns, which I would put on “Days” where I did not write anything (I don’t like seeing my journal blank): To See and To Blog.

To See lists down movies I look forward to watching before the year ends.

A twin column lists movies I missed.

A relative column lists places to drive or fly to.

When I run out of To See, To Blog, To Drive To, to fill up my blank days, I would often write quotes which I think are sensible, poems which awesome or a personal battlecry.

Came 2010, having attended a talk with Francis Kong, I learned that it’s not what you do or what you spend or earned that you should keep track of: but what you’re blessings are.

And so came 2011, I added a new feature to my journal, each day, at the end of the day, at the top of the page; I would jot down the things that made me happy, or smile or feel lucky. The things that made my day. Often, they take more than just a line.

Looking at my 2011 journal so far, I think that one extra feature would make my 2011 journal a whole lot more interesting than my 2009 or 2010 journal come the time I look at it in December.
Someday, when I am really really old, I’d probably jot down something similar to the yellow paper on the movie “The Bucket List”:Things To do Before I Die.

Speaking of that someday, I think a great idea would be: to seal-in all the journals I ever had in a watertight container, ride a big bike off to somewhere in the country, bury that container in a nice place taking note of the global coordinates of said burial site thanks to GPS. Then I’d include that coordinates in my WILL and (come that someday) send my children or any of my children to a treasure hunt quest which will lead them to a couple of journals which would reveal what their father’s life was like but most importantly how much they made many of my days in some of the most memorable of my years.

b. What is your Ideal design for your diary/planner?
But enough with Someday, going back to task, If I were to design my own planner and incorporate all the things I did to my previous planners, It would probably look like this:

Each Page would be in “landscape” orientation. Each spread would be a bite-size “weekly” in scope. Every spread will have a monthly calendar for orientation and a space for a quote or a battlecry.

Then it would have all my favorite columns, To Do, Work, To Do, Personal, Budget for the Weekand of course, To Google on the leftmost side, where it’s easiest to write (for the right-handed, that is).

I could repeat To Do on the spaces allotted for the “actual days”. More importantly though, the “actual days” now have a space at the bottom where I can jot down things that “made my day”.


c. How does your Diary/Planner help you?
Dax and Yoly, good friends of mine, when seeing my journal, often expressed amazement at the level of being organized my lists exude.
For me, I look at it as just the best way to start a morning, because otherwise I would go about the day opening folders at my desktop and hard drives looking for nothing and flipping through Bookmarks and Favorites, surfing for nothing and would grow old another day or another half day wondering what did I do, what did I searched for, what did I see, what did I wanted, what did I bought with my earnings, what Big Things did I reached, what did I blog?

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8 thoughts on “Entry No.7 Jomar T. Sadie

  1. I love that you have changed your concept of a journal. Appreciating what you have, i agree, is a source of joy. But i know you don't stop there . . you always strive for more. Alie & Ula will be so proud . . . as I.

  2. Pamatay yung To Google. :)) I am amazed though at your To Budget column. I remember you showing your planner with all these numbers… looks like a balance sheet. hahaha


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