Entry No. 2 Eilynn Feliciano

Me and my Diary Contest!

In celebration of ”My Serendipitous Day”

a. Describe your Diary/Planner.
– My Planner is just a simple one It has date and portions where in you can write the things you have to accomplish each day and month. What I like about is that it has a bookmark which is a big help to save time rather than scanning at all the pages that waste your time. For me it’s not how colorful or somewhat full of designs your planner must be, beacause what matters most is the content you will write or put inside it.b. What is your Ideal design for your diary/planner?
-My ideal design for my planner is just a small and hand-carried one so I can bring it wherever i want to go. I would also like simple designs and in order for my planner to be organized i want it to have divisions for every month. For me a planner whether how simple it is can be very useful to the owner because design isn’t the most important thing there but how big the help it would give you especially if it has time tables that can guide you in your way of managing your time.It is also helpful if the 1st page of the planner has a prayer so that the user will always be guided by the Triune God.:)c. How does your Diary/Planner help you?
-My planner is my friend. It helps me manage my time and it avoids me to go to school with an incomplete or not accomplished projects and home works.
It helps me in lots of way. I also get happy ,because of my planner I can tell my classmates all of the projects and home works before the day ends which I think is a big help for them to stay guided on the things they will do.

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