You can win again thru His Grace

As Overseas Filipino Workers / expatriates / migrant workers, our stay in the host country is numbered and based on our work permit. Most of us have families back home, loved ones who are dependent on us. It makes us worry sick to know that our contract may not be renewed or our company is closing shop for one reason or another.

You have come this far, OFW, thru God's grace.
You have come this far, OFW, thru God’s grace.


Some OFWs ask themselves, “What’s going to happen if I lose my job?” or “How will my family take it to know that I was sent home with no assurance of returning to the host country?” of “How will I take care of the financial needs of those who are dependent on me?”

Here is the answer: God’s grace is going to be there at every stage of your life to help you do whatever you need to do. God’s grace grants us wisdom, strength and direction towards the right path we need to take in order to surpass our trials in life. Let us not stress ourselves over things beyond our control.

In life, there are things we can be sure of while there are also things we do not know how to handle no matter how smart we are. Those things we need to life up to God, for Him to take care of. God knows all about us, the battles we have fought in order to survive. He has always been there for us. And He will always be present in our lives, if we let Him in.



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