Board of Directors Coalition of Filipino Community (FILCOM) Organization in Kuwait

An OFW life is challenging because you need to uproot yourself from your home, your friends, your country – in search for a better life altogether. Culture shock awaits you and homesickness plague you during the many family occasions you missed being with your family and loved ones.

The work you have in the host country  makes you realize that you have to attend to your responsibility no matter how sick you are or how down you feel. But OFW life is not all sacrifices. Allow yourself to meet other people and make new friends. Fellow Filipinos, OFWs whom you can trust and those who treat you like family.

The Coalition of Filipino Community (FILCOM) Organization in Kuwait is composed of many different organizations / groups where an OFW can find his / her calling and interest. Following is the list of Board of Directors for FILCOM 2016 – 2017.

Board of Directors 2016 - 2017 Filipino Community
Board of Directors 2016 – 2017 Coalition of Filipino Community (FILCOM) Organization in Kuwait. (photo credit to Ms. Elma Sebullin)


1. Mr. Oliver Diong – Club Ilonggo

2. Mr. Hengie Taton – PANIK / PNA (Pinoy Ambulance Nurses in Kuwait / Pinoy Nurses in Kuwait)

3. Mr. Chris Hernandez – TROPA (True & Reformed Overseas Pilipino Association)

4.Ms.  Germalyn Simple – OFW Movement for Peace and Justice and Progress (FPJPI) Kuwait Chapter

5. Mr. Napoleon Pintado – Globa Ilocano

6. Ms. Mariam Alzankawi – IWOK (Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait)

7. Mr. Rod Agcaoili – AKRHO (Alpha Kappa Rho)

8. Mr. Honesto Doctolero – TSOK (Teachers-Speacialists Organization in Kuwait

9. Mr. Ronaldo Telen – FBK (Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait)

10. Ms. Kathlyn Gonzales – IPRSG / Initiative & Progress Self-Reliance Group

11. Mr. Mario Adonis – Philippine Cats Claw Martial Arts Association – Kuwait

12. Mr. Arthur Tabunda – Brigada OFW

13. Mr. Froilan Cataquis – RUGBII (Reformed and United Guardians Brotherhood International Inc. (R.U.G.B.I.I.) – Kuwait Legion

14. Mr. Noel Silva – FAMA (Filipino Association for Music and Arts)

15. Ms. Mae Ortiz – BKC (BisDak Kuwait Chapter)

Congratulations to all Board of Directors and Diary ni Gracia wishes all of you that you may continue to serve others for years and years to come.

Diary ni Gracia task for the day - Emcee at Board of Directors Ceremony FILCOM.
Diary ni Gracia task for the day – Emcee at Board of Directors Election FILCOM 2016 – 2017.

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