3 Big Reasons Why We Should Celebrate Our Birthday


                     The Gift of Love

When we were a child, most of us knew that having a birthday meant cakes, spaghetti, and balloons. But as we grow older some of us think it is just another day, especially as an OFW.

Every day is just another day. Another day to be grateful.

There are many people who see no reason to celebrate the day they were born. (but I am not.)

They say it is just another day, a normal day.

It is another day. Nonetheless, why should that stop from celebrating a blessing?

Why should it stop us from taking a few minutes, count your blessings

In a world where there are countless reasons to feel blessed with a thankful-heart; that make you who you are and let the people around us feel it too because some may not stay forever because they might not be with us tomorrow.


And these are my share reasons “Why We Should Celebrate Birthdays” yours and others, not in a lavish way but a simple and meaningful celebration, may it be at your home, in church or any other ways that might our heart and soul be fulfilled.


1st To enjoy our age, no matter what digit. Our Heavenly Father blesses us another year and he wants us to enjoy them. (Because He loves us.) It is about offering ourselves to the next generation.

Even if our body grows weaker, we should think and must grow stronger. As the

Bible says, “Through our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is renewed day by day” (2 Corinthians 4:16)

Our Heavenly Father is renewing us every day.

Time will come, Senior years I mean, we will retire from our job, but we should never retire from this life. Instead, we renew our life. Renew our mission. Renew our passion.

Become the best version of your life.

2nd  Finding Way to Share

We find the person to share this moment to make them feel part of our life and us to them. We bring happiness too.


If you come to answer help of a distressed OFW or face-to-face with them regularly, you’ll realize how rich you are.

And you will realize how much you can share.

In the right time, you will discover a new purpose for living. You will no longer be living for yourself alone, but you will begin to live for others as well.

In this life, we cannot please everyone. We cannot give all that they want from us. Some may dislike us, and some may hurt us, but the only thing we can offer them is ‘’Blessed them”, help them in any way and pray for them. Dwell on future blessings.

I believe that one significant way of thanking God for his blessings is enjoying those blessings.

Every one of us doesn’t love the struggle; we love the victory that the struggle brings.

Don’t focus on the pain, focus on the prize.

The Bible says, “These troubles and sufferings of ours are, after all, quite small and won’t last very long. This short time of distress will result in God’s richest blessing upon us forever and ever!” (2 Corinthians 4:17)

Believe that your blessing is near.

Believe that your victory is coming.

Believe that your success is at hand.

Enjoying our blessings has nothing to do with how many blessings we have but how much we appreciate them.

Claiming blessings. By being grateful for the blessings of the past, we will be attracting more blessings for the future.

Wealth is measured by how grateful you are.

3rd Focus on our future.


Grateful heart.

Investing quality time.

Invest in knowledge.

Time changes things. Everything changes time. One day you will realize this is it, the end and will give way to another. And another. The clock’s tick will never stop, and so the wheels of change are bound to set in motion.

To some as we get older, birthdays become something to be ashamed of age. For me, this is our best time to put this day slow motion and look out the clouds with a smile.

What wraps in my mind  “Happy birthday” is more appropriate for thanking our Heavenly Father and our Love ones. “Congratulations” instead of “Happy Birthday” is accurately conveyed what is trying to say for me.

As for me, saying “Happy birthday” to someone is nothing different to saying “Congratulations,” it is completely like an accomplished another 365 days. This is the right time, moment of recognition. Celebrate our strength and our future strength.

Another 365 days to work towards your dream.

Life is filled with so many random twists and turns, pits and peaks, and to say we’ve made it another year is something to be acknowledged with a smile.

Birthdays are days to celebrate life and all the love that surrounds you.

Wrapping up myself during my birthday over these wise words, while walking in the seaside, a sea retreat (see it doesn’t mean to spend any but makes you more unwind, relax and in a meditation state.) Realizing invest more time for your self and knowledge for the greater good.

Looking up, hearing “Congratulations! You are amazing and every day is a work in progress.

Every day, pay if forward.



Let us all blow more candles! More Birthdays to come and Congratulations!

From an OFW perspective and a lover of life.


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