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“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.”


Banner: Ilokana’s Women Organization in Kuwait (IWOK)
Banner: Ilokana’s Women Organization in Kuwait (IWOK)

It’s September and Christmas spirit is in the air. Christmas is the season of gift-giving. Recently, IWOK kicked off a surprise gift-giving to 11 children at a charitable institution here in Kuwait. The children are so delighted and grateful for the gifts they’ve received.



Toy gifts
Toy gifts

Most of the gifts given by IWOK to children are toys. Toys that will keep them happy and still feel the youth energy in them as they play with them. Toys that can be shared among friends and foster love and friendship throughout.


Thamara with the IWOK team, receiving the gift
Thamara with the IWOK team, receiving the gift

Here’s Thamara, one of the recipients of the gifts. She jumped in joy and excitement as she opened her gift. She kept on thanking the IWOK team for the gift and that encounter was heart-warming.


Aziz with IWOK Team, receiving the gift
Aziz with IWOK Team, receiving the gift

This is Aziz, another child who received a gift from IWOK. He was not as excited as Thamara when he received the gift. But upon opening the bag and realize it was a gift – full of toys, he squealed in excitement and ran towards other children and show to them the gift he just received.


Kenzy with the IWOK team, receiving the gift
Kenzy with the IWOK team, receiving the gift

Kenzy was the memorable child I encountered during the surprise gift-giving to them. She was just a quiet girl and just play with one or two playmates she had. At first, it seems like she was just sad and unenthusiastic about what’s happening around her. But when we give her our gift, she said, “Thank you,” in sign language. I learned that she was deaf. Even though she can’t say out loud how thankful she was for our gift, her twinkling eyes were just enough on how she was grateful for our gift.


Surprise gift-giving to 11 children by IWOK
Surprise gift-giving to 11 children by IWOK

Truly, the Christmas spirit is always felt whatever the time of the year where are in. As long as we continue to love, give, and care for others, we can celebrate Christmas every day of our life. Seeing the happiness and joy in the eyes of these children despite the happenings in their surroundings shed light among the hearts of the IWOK team that life is simple. Despite the problem, stress, and difficulties brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we remain hopeful that at the end of the day all will become well. As long as we remain to continue to care, love, and share advocacy among other people who needs help.

Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait: Care. Love. Advocate.

The distressed OFW children often encounter difficulties in receiving assistance from the public. Understandably, these children and their families are financially unstable to afford it.

Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK) has been assisting hundreds of displaced OFW children with educational and health services in the poorest areas of the Philippines as part of their advocacy. The IWOK is visiting the Philippines at least once or twice every year to all designated areas they helped, to conduct education and welfare status monitoring, and routine feeding program.

OUR VISION: Long-Term Impact. Our organization made it so special by bringing food, toys, clothes, and essential needs of OFW distressed children. More than advocacy, the educational support, the right attitude, and perspective towards health is the most important impact of the IWOK’s presence in some rural areas, complemented with the kapatirans and other activities. The IWOK Project, together with other individuals.

Throughout the year, our officers and members are greatly involved in helping to rebuild other’s lives – not only focusing on children but serving as shining beacons of hope for a much brighter future for distressed OFW. These activities bring hope through empowering OFW in countless ways.

“True wealth only grows by sharing always. You can only have more for yourself by sharing it away to others ng walang hinihinging kapalit.”

– Madam Mariam Alzankawi



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