Your Contacts in Times of Food Shortage and Financial Needs in Kuwait

The coronavirus outbreak brought the world to a standstill as each individual struggles in his or her respective situations. The effects of the pandemic are substantial, as it does not only alter the condition of our personal livelihood and economy.

It is the primary cause of the extensive anxieties of every citizen and resident in the country. These anxieties are the combined results of the fear of contracting the coronavirus disease and the shortage of food leading to starvation and malnutrition.

Many of our fellow Kabayans in Kuwait experienced the same critical situation of hunger and uneasiness within the four corners of their rooms. They continue to wait for the implemented lockdown measures to be lifted without a penny in their pocket due to the “No Work, No Pay” circumstances. It is at these moments where every struggling person needs our respective emotional support and help resources to survive this health crisis.

For my fellow OFWs and Kabayan in Kuwait, the following contact numbers and their official accounts that one may contact for their specific needs are stated below. Do not hesitate to ask for help within these organizations, for they are willing to provide support and assistance to all.

In times of food shortage, there are organizations that can deliver food baskets to every one of us. 

  • The Basket Q8 – You may connect to their Instagram account at @the_basket_q8 or contact them through 98781222.
  • Noor that Bakes – You may connect to their Instagram account at @istiqrar_kw. You need to send them a direct message to assist you in their Instagram account.
  • Get Help – You may contact them at 96719833. They can deliver food baskets to all regions including the isolation areas.
  • Al Salam Charitable Society – You may contact them through 1858555 / 50305024. You can also access their official website by clicking here.
  • Al Ensaniya Q8 – You may contact them through 98804445. They can deliver bread to all regions including the isolated areas.
  • Kuwait Association For Families in Need – You may connect to Instagram account at @kanforgkw or contact them through 91110303.

Some social organizations and groups can assist you with your food and daily essentials. Accessing our basic commodities in this health crisis is very difficult. The following can help you provide your basic needs.

  • Social Work Society – You may connect to their Instagram account @SWSKW or contact them through 66691111.
  • Basmat Al Kuwait Volunteer Group – You may connect to their Instagram account through @basmat.alkuwait or contact them through 94440301.    

Here are more organizations that can assist every individual through their charitable aid either through monetary or physical support.

  • Istiqrar – You may connect to their Instagram account through @istiqrar_kw. They specialize in assisting Bedoon families in Kuwait.
  • Al Kout Medical and Volunteer Group – You may connect to their Instagram account through @alkoutteam or contract them through 99799529.
  • The Second Chance Q8 Charity – You may connect to their Instagram account through @secondchanceq8 or contact them through 60033022.
  • Ameer Al Ansaneyah Volunteer Group –You may connect to their Instagram account through @ameer alalsaneyah and contact them through 66656260.

With all of these organizations, I hope each of them can deliberately help you in every possible way. I empathized with all the people who are struggling with their anxieties and fear. Especially with all the frightful information about the coronavirus circling around the media, these organizations and groups of people can assist you.

I will also encourage you to share these contacts with your friends, families, and colleagues who may need help during this coronavirus health crisis. Together, we can reach out and support one another against this pandemic.


Your Ultimate Access to Kuwait Directories in this COVID-19 Crisis



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