Motivation towards Success

I have recently attended a workshop by one of my favorite motivational speakers and authors, Mr. Chinkee Tan. Taking my seat at the venue in Greenhills, San Juan I can’t help but look around the room and see a lot of excited faces. Like me, they all want to attain success.

Participating in one of Mr. Chinkee Tan's workshop in Greenhills, San Juan, MM.
Participating in one of Mr. Chinkee Tan’s workshop in Greenhills, San Juan, MM.


Topics discussed centered about personal development, goal setting and productivity. The impact is invaluable, greatly beneficial and I was driven to mold my own version of “purpose”. It’s not about figuring out success but actually owning it, claiming it as your mindset!

The road to success is never easy and it becomes rough too, most of the time. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made, a lot of tough decisions to make that may exhaust one physically, emotionally and psychologically. But once you are driven to excel, you make it like your second skin. You breathe with it and into it.

That afternoon made me realize that as long as we live, there will always be room for improvement for everyone. There will always be goals to be set and worked hard on to achieve. We don’t stop either on the first quarter or midway; we finish everything to the end.






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