Blogging in Kuwait and in the Philippines; the difference

I’ve been an OFW blogger in Kuwait for a number of years and even if I wrote mostly about my experiences as an expat in the host country and Filipino community important events and occasions, I made it a point to always be extra careful.

What's the difference between blogging in Kuwait and blogging in the Philippines? (opencollegenet)
What’s the difference between blogging in Kuwait and blogging in the Philippines? (opencollegenet)


I could say there were three (3) rules that defined my blogs when I was in Kuwait. I want to share them with you now.

Rule No. 1 – Do not write anything that will disrespect Islam and its teachings.

Kuwait is a Muslim country and its culture, lifestyle and almost every aspect of society conforms to Islam. I have always been grateful that Kuwait government is very understanding of non – Muslim expatriates’ different religion and allows the migrant community to participate in religious activities in their churches.

Rule No. 2 – Do not write anything that will disrespect the Amir and the Royal Family.

Expatriates are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of their host country. Many things were unfamiliar to me but over the years and with continuous adjustment, I was able to actually like the intricacies of Kuwait. My years of stay overseas has been a very rewarding learning experience.

Rule No. 3 – Always remember rule no. 1 and rule no. 2.

I am now looking forward to blogging here in the Philippines, where I am starting to witness a new world, meeting new people, heading on a promising new road, where a sense of fulfillment on the most challenging tasks ahead are yet to be explored.

Hoping you will continue to join me like you did over the past several years.





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