Refresh your mind everyday

It's possible to free one's thoughts of negativity. (filledinspiraiton/tumblr)
It’s possible to free one’s thoughts of negativity. (filledinspiration/tumblr)


Stress at work, family problems at home, relationship demands, among other life’s difficulties bring self – defeating thoughts, decisions and actions inappropriately done resulting to another trial to be solved.

Many people do not enjoy their lives because of their state of mind. It is but natural to dream, have goals and work hard towards achieving these. But there are times when no matter how hard we try, there will always be something lacking or unbalanced. This is because there will always be circumstances not within our control.

Whatever we think, we later on become. If we overthink, we become less focused and unproductive. If we think that we are in a hopeless situation, then everything else looks very dark like a mud hole.

Why not start thinking that however seemingly desperate the situation is, we need to be reminded that our Creator and Savior, the Almighty Father never forsakes anyone. He may allow some painful episodes in our life only to prepare us for something better, something happier.

Start your day with a sincere prayer for guidance and strength to carry on the rest of the day. Prayers in between your errands, your duties is not harmful, in case you forget. Another sincere prayer to seal tonight with serenity.

One good thought in the morning refreshes your mind and helps you look forward towards the hours ahead.




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