Every single day is a blessing

Be thankful for daily moments of life.
Be thankful for daily moments of life. (photo credit to owner)


No matter how grumpy you wake up, consider each day as a blessing. You were able to awaken from sleep, able to prepare yourself for work, for a day off or for a day to make an important decision of your life.

We all have our daily stresses in life that sometimes we feel too much and we want to give up. There are days too when it seems nothing is going according to our plan. It is then that we must think how generous and forgiving the Lord is. We have our faults, our flaws, we make mistakes, but His blessing and favor upon us is present every single day.

Maybe we just don’t notice the small sign of hope, the small sign that we are blessed today and for always. Why? Maybe because unconsciously, we feel guilty about our faults. We feel the burden of our own shortcomings.

Today, we can receive His grace and ask for His forgiveness. We must let go of our guilt and open our hearts and minds to the goodness of our Lord. Let us realize that He wants us to do our purpose in life that is why He blesses us every single day. God bless.



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