Search for FILCOM Lakambini 2016 at Qadsiyah

The Filipino woman  is uniquely beautiful and the world knows about it.
The Filipino woman is uniquely beautiful and the world knows about it.


Probably the most exciting part of the Coalition of Filipino Community (FILCOM) Organizations in Kuwait is the Search for FILCOM Lakambini 2016. After the entertaining musical show featuring children, the audience were in high spirits in welcoming the lovely contestants for the pageant.

The ladies confidently represented their organizations in the casual wear, sports attire, Filipiniana attire, long gown and test of smartness and intelligence portion. All the ladies came from diverse backgrounds but on that night, they all came together as one to participate in the 118th Philippine Independence Day Celebration Day in Kuwait.

I noticed some Filipino community leaders assisting the ladies most especially during the Filipiniana attire and long gown competition. I appreciate the creativity of the designers for all the dresses modeled by the contestants. None was lifeless because everyone was in high spirits.

The respective organizations showed much support for their contestant yet they still maintained the proper decorum. Honestly, watching beauty pageants like this brings back memories of younger days and I could say, I knew how nervous all the ladies were.

Congratulations to all winners and here’s to looking forward to more beautiful ladies next year.


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