Simplify your Life

The beauty of nature is simple. We can do that with our life.
The beauty of nature is simple. We can do that with our life.


Do you have an overlapping schedule? Do you feel overwhelmed by the many things that need your attention? Do you ever feel that all things are happening at the same time and you can’t even seem to breathe?

If you find yourself in such a situation, there is one thing you can do. Simplify your life. How can you do that? Praying is one moment in our life when we can let go of all the worries and stresses of our daily activities. Although as persons, we have the tendency to overthink and overdo things. But focusing in prayer will give us the serenity we need.

When we put the Lord in the center of our life, His Mercy and Compassion radiates all around us. Everything else in our live will fall into place. Today, start making time for the Lord in your daily life. If you think you do not know how to go about your day, ask Him for Wisdom so He will help you manage your time.

Simplify your life now thru prayers and achieve the serenity you deserve.


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