Does God need our money and riches?

Does God need our money and riches?
The clear blue sky is one of God’s natural gifts to all of us. We all must share it.

Naturally, when we need something or want something, materially that is, we need cash to buy it. Ok, so others use the “swipe” – credit cards, which eventually, must be paid with money.

Spiritually, when we pray for something we want or we need and our prayer has been granted, what must we do in return? To be grateful, to be thankful is not enough . We need to work on our Faith. No matter how busy we are with our daily life, we should and we must nurture our spiritually as well.

As OFWs, we have our day off. Although a day off is usually spent doing our laundry or cleaning our room in the shared flat, or some bonding time with friends at the mall, we can still make time to go to church.

We can pray everyday not only when we need something; we can pray too when it’s just an ordinary day for us. And so the answer to my question, “Does God need our money and riches?”, the answer is “No, He doesn’t. He wants our Faith, our patience to wait for the right time for everything – in His Divine time.




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