Giving up something for someone..

When it's time to give up..
When it’s time to give up.. (stock clip)


There are times in our life when we have to give up something to make others happy. The process is not easy and it hurts us too. But when we try to see the broader picture of things that will affect not only our life but the life of those we love, like our family, that’s when we know that we need to take a step back.

I am not a religious person although I am proud to say that I am a believer in the Lord Almighty’s Divine Mercy and Compassion for all of us, regardless of religion. We make choices as breadwinners of our families. We make choices as community leaders. We make choices as friends. We are just simple people prone to commit mistakes, honest mistakes.

Giving up something for someone is not all sadness. It can be happiness too most especially if we consult our decisions with the help of prayers and wisdom. God bless us all.


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