Unload excess baggage and rest

How many times have you felt very tired because of work, family problems, health problems or relationship issues? Too tired that you just want to close your eyes, hear nothing, feel nothing, think of nothing – just plain rest. I guess quite a number. I understand clearly because at some points in my life, I felt that too.

But despite all the difficulties, God wants us to rest, to refresh our soul, our mind and our heart. He knows that we are so busy with everyday life that we become very stressed that causes us to think anxiously and negatively. God wants to take care of us, to fix even the simplest worry in our life…but He can’t start doing anything if we don’t come to Him and unload our excess baggage.

We can tell God about our worries, our problems thru prayers. When we know we have done our best, leave the next step to God. We can now take our rest because God wants us to be happy…in His time.

We can all talk to God thru prayers..He will give us rest. (gettyimages)
We can all talk to God thru prayers..He will give us rest. (gettyimages)




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