The Serenity of Waiting

All of us want good things to happen in our lives. Healthy family, good paying job, happy social life, meaningful relationships and other more. But not all those those happen in just a snap of our fingers…some things we have to wait for…patiently, the most.

While waiting in prayer, we must not be idle and just let God make wonders in our life. Let us work towards our dreams, maybe easier said than done but at least, we do not sit idly and not do anything to make our dreams turn into reality.

While waiting for the result, we can do things positively. (hellobeautiful)
While waiting for the result, we can do things positively. (hellobeautiful)


We take care of our family as we would ourselves. We do our assigned task at work even when our boss is not around. We take time out with friends thru social media or meet ups. And if we have someone special in our heart, we give that person our time, love and trust.

Life is full of tough choices and nothing comes in very easily. We would like to choose to achieve our dreams despite all the difficulties and pain – we know the reward is lasting instead of getting things easily like a flash in the pan.

There is serenity in waiting for God’s own Divine time.



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