How I define a community

POLO OWWA hosts Community Night Gabi ng Pasasalamat.
POLO OWWA hosts Community Night Gabi ng Pasasalamat.


I have been an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) here in Kuwait for quite some years now and I could honestly say that I have always been part of a community. 

A community for me may consist of a few people I have met at work or at the place where I live. We may not have the same line of work or towns we call homes and yet, we get along quite well. We do not focus on our differences but on our similarities.

Filipino migrants here in Kuwait are the same. They are part of a community no matter how simple or wide the scope is. For a time, even if I chose to become inactive within the community, I never failed to reach out – to kabayans who sought my help for advice.

Last night’s Gabi ng Pasasalamat – Community Night hosted by POLO OWWA in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait affirmed my advocacy to fellow OFWs and be active all the more in the Filipino Community. I have missed old friendships, trusted new ones and look forward positively to share my community service with everybody.

Writing is part of my community service as well emcee tasks, assistance in organizing events, marketing strategies and enhancement of learning experiences. Community building and team building have allowed me the chance to express my advocacy thru many ways.

Congratulations to POLO OWWA for a very meaningful year end Thanksgiving Party.




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