A Woman for the Community

Madam Mariam Alzankawi practices sound wisdom in her work.
Madam Mariam Alzankawi practices sound wisdom in her work and daily life.

Madam Mariam is one of the many Filipino women who calls Kuwait their second home. She was able to combine Filipinos traits of compassion, family centered and diligence into the new culture that she has embraced with warmth.

Given the opportunity to work in an environment where diverse people abound and lay their plight, Madam Mariam has practiced sound wisdom which led her to charity works as a co-founder of Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK) and a volunteer caring for cancer patients, among others.

Thank you Madam for your message on our Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book OFW Edition book and for spending time with us last August 21st.



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