On Your Special Day

Happy Birthday, Madame Mariam Alzankawi.
Happy Birthday, Madame Mariam Alzankawi.

Truly, the Filipino woman is someone who is beautiful in her own way, has a resilient character, an inspiring spirit and a generous heart. Reasons enough for the gentleman (her husband) to profess his love for today’s birthday celebrant, Madame Mariam Alzankawi.

She is Ilokana by birth and just like many other Filipino women who married Kuwaiti gentlemen, her blessings are not only her own – she shares through works of charity. Madame Mariam is a Co-Founder of Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK).

A working mom, she divides her time for her family, work and charity and all of these give her joy and contentment.

Wishing you best of health on your special day, that you may continue to be a blessing to others as well.

(photo credit to Madame Mariam Alzankawi’s fb account)


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