Happy Birthday, Rian

Heaven sent brother here in Kuwait? Yes, he is.
Heaven sent brother here in Kuwait? Yes, he is.

Rian Jay is one of my trusted, few friends here in Kuwait. He is a good family man who loves his wife and adores his daughter so much. It is amazing how OFW life connects people from the home country, to think that we never knew each of us even existed!

True friendship makes people feel that they have a bother or a sister from another mother. You bully each other, you laugh at the corniest jokes, you worry about another new rule from the Ministry and a host of other things in life.  True friends keep you grounded. They tell it directly to your face if you messed up or if you are a mess! But their honesty is what makes the friendship real and lasting.

Happy Birthday, Rian. God bless you and your family always.


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