Migrant Couple Perennial Problem

Marriage is sacred and holy. It is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. (source:goodfon)
Marriage is sacred and holy. It is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. (source:goodfon)

Since the day I have chosen my advocacy to be of assistance to fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) here in Kuwait, I have been receiving quite a serious number of marital problems from fellow OFWs, seeking solution and needing understanding.

How sad it is to see the truth of many married migrant couples having marital problems due to distance apart and physical absence. From my inbox I read different situations but the bottom line is – weakness to passion, infidelity and worst, falling out of love. The situation become complex when children are involved.

I may not have enough experience to advise migrant couples with their problems but I am willing to share what I think may be helpful. Pray and seek Divine Guidance to walk through any kind of situation.  Think of the good memories you had as a couple, as a family. Remember how you built your family dreams and for one of you to work overseas must be a test of your faithfulness to each other no matter the distance. Establish trust with one another and for both of you to uphold that trust and repay it with nothing but love and goodness.

Marriage is sacred and holy.




4 thoughts on “Migrant Couple Perennial Problem

  1. Eloisa Tiburcio says:

    Distance is just a test on how far LOVE can travel.
    If the love you have for each other is pure and real, distance would never ever be a problem.
    Distractions and temptations will always be there but if you and your partner trust each other and will make God as the center of your relationship, nothing will go wrong. Anticipate a lot of bumps along the way but for sure God will always lead the relationship.

  2. Kim Kaylan says:

    It is always tough to be away from your other half as you’ll never know what is happening when you are not with them. This situation is not new though. It has been happening decades / hundred years ago. Even those couple that are together are still not faithful with each other. I hope those people will be able to solve their problems.

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