Window to One’s Soul

What better way to preserve one's blog...turn it into a book.
What better way to preserve one’s blog…turn it into a book.

“Blogging serves as the window to one’s soul” – Gracia Amor

I have always been inspired by writing so when I had the chance to enter the world of blogging a few years ago I tried to maintain blogging even if I had my regular job here in Kuwait.

I know personally that it is through writing that I can express my feelings, thoughts about almost anything. There are moments in life when only words can explain how I feel about the situation.

I love reading books because I feel that at every turn of the page, there is another world waiting to be discovered. At some point too, I dreamt of having my own book published. So when I found the chance, I gathered and compiled slambook answers from Filipino bloggers.

My school experience triggered my passion for this book. While the internet is maybe much more fun to learn from, I still think that nothing will ever replace the traditional stock of knowledge – books. I hope that with The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook – OFW Edition which is now out on amazon, you will be able to learn necessary things about blogging and life experiences.

Please click here The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook



9 thoughts on “Window to One’s Soul

  1. Louise says:

    Congratulations on being able to achieve your dream! I think most bloggers dream to publish a book of their own. Good luck with this endeavor Gracia 🙂

  2. Vance says:

    It’s quite difficult to maintain a blog while having a regular work. I am doing both myself so I know how hard it could be. Kudos to you though for having both!

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