No hanging laundry from balconies

Home clothes for drying inside my room.
Home clothes for drying inside my room.

Every country has the right to impose new rules and regulations to make improvements not only for its citizens but for expats as well. The Municipal Council’s latest campaign states that starting January 2015, fines will be imposed on anyone who will be caught hanging laundry from the balconies of apartment buildings.

Although the new ordinance takes effect in the entire State of Kuwait, more concentration will be in Kuwait City and Salmiya because these are considered tourist spots. While there are residential buildings mainly for families, there are also apartment buildings intended for bachelors and for single women only.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) here in Kuwait for quite some time already, never did I hang my laundry from the balcony of where I live. My flat mates and I are fortunate enough to have a common washing machine with spin dryer so after laundry, I hang my clothes inside my room using clothes drying racks.

Personally, I think it is a positive move that as expatriates, as  Overseas Filipino Workers, we must follow the latest Municipal Council ordinance. It will keep the apartment buildings pleasing to the eye. It will also instill discipline on the tenants whether they are family, bachelor or single women.

I propose though that every flat holder must provide a working and in good condition washing machine with dryer for its tenants, who in turn must have clothes drying racks. It takes up some space, I know, but this is better than literally “selling” your laundry out in the balcony.

(Summary from Kuwait Times News by Faten Omar)


One thought on “No hanging laundry from balconies

  1. andrew says:

    it sucks bigtime if your laundry doesnt get enough heat needed to dry em up! but rules are rules..though sometime its meant to be broken! LOL just kidding

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