Should singles be evicted from family dwellings?

In residential buildings allotted for families, there should not be singles / bachelors living in the same premises. But over the years, flat holder expatriates (lessee) are said to allow rooms for rent for non-family men. Kuwaiti authorities are being alarmed with this phenomenon citing the threat to social and religious aspects.

But are singles / bachelors living in family buildings really threatening based on Kuwaiti moral standards? Personally, I think there are valid reasons why some lessee expatriates allow non-married men to rent rooms intended only for families.

First is the cost of lease. In order to come up with the whole amount of lease, some lessee expatriates accept family boarders but there are times when the remaining amount to complete the lease payment is only for a single / bachelor. When this happens, the lessee expatriate makes sure that the single / bachelor is trustworthy, polite and can live harmoniously with others in the same flat.

Second, the lessee screens applicants and more often than not, they usually allow singles / bachelors whom they either personally know or have been guaranteed or recommended by a common friend.

Third, because the lessee expatriate and the single / bachelor who rents a room in the family building are both aware of the strictness of Kuwaiti society, they will be very careful with the way they handle their daily actions and schedule. Otherwise, they may face some serious legal problems.




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