Learning and Empowerment

Learning is best when it empowers. It is not enough that a person is knowledgeable inside the classroom and gets high grades. Learning reaches its maximum level when a person learns how to take charge of his own life and shape the world according to what he is capable of.

Learning projects positive results when shared with others. Exploring the world with all its flaws and smooth sails if best enjoyed when you are not alone and tries to develop a connection with someone. Learning must be rightfully owned by every individual because learning is the driving force for social change.

Asian societies and the Maori cultural group are among the communities wherein learning is interwoven with moral development which is essential to family and communities. Learning helps individuals and communities have a strong sense of determination, innovation, creativity and well-being.

Learning becomes holistic and is motivated by cultural aspirations and spirituality that is important for self-development in the aspect of a person’s daily life. Let us live what we have positively learned and become a source of enlightenment and inspiration for others.


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