Must I give up on love?

Love brings happiness, contentment, confidence...but also pain and tears.
Love brings happiness, contentment, confidence…but also pain and tears.

I work even when I am not feeling well or things don’t seem right. Why? Because I love being productive and being able to be of assistance to whoever needs my helping hands. My family back home in the Philippines, my aging and sickly parents, even if they just send me a simple text message, I am already happy. Why? Because I love them.

Things have never always been easy for me here in Kuwait, but I still continue to love this host country. Why? Because I already consider this my second home. Some friends have come and gone, yet I nurture the friends who stood by me through thick and thin. They are the friends who never gave up on me. They are the friends I will always be grateful for. I love the true meaning of friendship so I continue making this a part of my life.

I consider each morning a blessing from the Almighty and be thankful that another day lies ahead of me to explore and conquer. Each pain, each trial, each stumble as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) will not make me give up on love. Why? Because in my heart and soul, I love the true meaning of love itself.

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