Fireproof movie review

Fireproof, a movie about the trials of love and marriage and how to overcome them.
Fireproof, a movie about the trials of love and marriage and how to overcome them.

Fireproof is a movie produced in 2008 by the same team that gave us Facing the Giants. However, this movie is a love story about a married couple who are in the brink of divorce and falling out of love.

Catherine’s father is a firefighter and growing up, he was her hero. She idolizes him as the best husband and father. When she grew up, Catherine married Caleb, also a firefighter. Catherine had her own world about an ideal marriage but Caleb was different from her father. Caleb feels the respect of other people in his job, from his friends but not from his own wife. Catherine is disheartened with their marriage and wants a divorce; sadly she also begins to flirt with a doctor from her work, thinking that he is an ideal man.

The film shows that if a person clings on to vices, he or she will ruin the love and trust in the family. Sometimes when we are having problems, we think that a person who shows us concern means well. But we must be careful about the people whom we tell our problems with because some might draw us farther apart.

Towards the end, the film helps us realize that praying and hoping for better things will help us get somewhere. We must also learn how to accept our mistakes, be sorry for them and try our best to change.

Love is the most enduring and greatest feeling and forgiveness makes us happier human beings.

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