Why I chose Gracia Amor?

Gracia Amor of diarynigracia
Gracia Amor of diarynigracia

As the question goes, “what’s in a name?” And you must be wondering why I have chosen the name Gracia Amor, to be my pen name.

I was born and baptized with the name Mary Grace and literally, both names mean something well. I wanted to have a pen name that is closer to my given name. Amor is the Spanish word for love and I must admit that I am a hopeless romantic.

I felt that if I will use the name Gracia Amor in blogging, it will be easily remembered by the readers and visitors. And so, after learning my way through the intricacies of Kuwait and its lifestyle and people, I started diarynigracia, my online journal about things that I experience here in Kuwait.

Also, through diarynigracia, I have met different kinds of people, became part of the Filipino community in Kuwait and most especially, I was able to reach out to others. As the year 2014 starts, and all by the Lord’s grace, I will still continue to extend my hands to other people.



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