To a Friend, on her birthday

In our lifetime, sometimes we meet friends who unknowingly become “bridges” for us to meet certain people, establish a relationship that will become both professional and personal.

Sometimes too, we experience a “layover” or sadly, drifting apart from the friends we have first met prior to being introduced to certain people, and yet, the latter remains with you more than you can ever imagine.

Like in the case of Tita Che Tiongco David, at first I thought she might just be like some of my online assistants, coming when they needed a job and going – going most especially when they have learned the ropes of the craft, developed wings and later on, flew with their newly spread wings to greener pasture, so to speak. I wish them good luck, as always.

Tita Che is different. Over the past year since she was introduced to me by a friend here in Kuwait, she has been with me through my ups, my struggles and my downs. Thanks to technology, Tita Che and I are able to update one another not only with work but with personal matters more. Never did she make me feel taken for granted. Yes, she would give me sound advices, wisdom from a woman of her age and life experience.

During one of our online conversations, Tita Che told me that I have opened new doors for her. I do not ask what more can she give our work or myself. Just being the compassionate person that she is, who continues to stay by my side even through the sink-to-the-bottom episodes of my life, is more than enough to me.

I wish I could do more for Tita Che and for now, I could only ask God to bless her more so she could continue being a blessing to other people as well.


"Happy Birthday, Tita Che"
“Happy Birthday, Tita Che”

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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