Birthday Prayer

My Dearest Heavenly Father, 

After 21st of  October my birthday, another gift of  beginning- a new day of my life. I am thankful that You continuously give me the strength to do well and be my guide.

During this “walk through the valley of Kuwait,” I did not fear for I knew You will always be at my side. Your rod and staff gave me courage to lead the path of love, forgiveness and understanding. And now I sincerely  kneel to pray;

To bless the people who curse their brethren.

To bless the people who mislead the right pathway for their brethren.

To bless the people who cheer and rejoice for their brethren’s sorrow.

And to bless the people who take away someone else’s life.

I believe in Your words in Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called to his purpose.”

From my evanescent highs to my direst lows, the meanest blues… I will be glorifying your name.

I believe that you covered my life with your greatest love.  Thank you very much for giving me continuous strength and power,  for keeping me under the mantle of Your most gentle care, for continually showing and sending me Your benevolent graces. I humbly beseech You and I lift everything else to You, in Your Highest.

Thank you for your love that is so pure, deepest and  unconditional. With your love, I believe I can conquer any challenges in my life.

Thank you for the new day.

With full of trust in You,my Lord,

Your child


Reflection: God’s love is an amazing grace; and it is our mission to spread this love to all His people.

My heavenly Father, keep the fire of love burning in our hearts.






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