21st of October

Remembering and greeting of  birthday wishes to someone are the best way to show our involvement, love and care for them. And I really appreciate  all these warm wishes  I receive this 21st of October with a single  purpose and essence to spread serenity and love to each other not only on this special day but even for those simple days.

I know this blog message is not enough to give thanks to people who unfailingly show acts of love, for praying, for offering hope, for extending support, for showing care, for the kindness that is shown, for sustaining my spirit and keeping me alive.  Sharing you my birthday prayer


I also want to thank all good friends who brought me a special gift, a windbreaker, I know you often worry about me getting chilly here and a package full of surprises that I never expected in my life. The time spent was exquisite and unforgettable treat for me, remembering every bit of it. Everything, the weather, the season, picturesque scenery, the tears, the faces, the moment and the tight hug.

I am indeed grateful.

And share  My Birthday Prayer 

Again, a warm thanks for dropping all into my life. Here’s to another banner year.

Yours gratefully.



Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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