Zakat; Not wealthy but knows Charity

3) Zakat, alms giving / charity is the third pillar.

  “Growing up in a simple family, I also had the chance to receive hand-me-downs from well-meaning relatives and friends. They had more than what we had and they gave these with gladness of hearts.”

       “When I started to be involved with the Filipino Community here in Kuwait, I became aware of many Filipina ka bayans with sad or depressing fate. When they left their families and comfort of their homes in the Philippines, they all had high hopes. Sadly, many of these Filipina kabayans became victims of abuse and inhumane treatment.”

      “As one of the Filipino Community leaders here, I tried my best to organize gift giving and feeding programs to benefit our fellow kabayans. Of course, the generosity and assistance of the other Fil Com leaders will never be forgotten. When calamities affect our home country, I will not be able to rest until I have gotten the pledges and assurance of fellow leaders to finalize a donation drive.”

       “I am not a wealthy person, but through my advocacy of serving fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), I try my best to be of assistance to kabayans.



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