Salah – how I pray and give Thanks

2) Salah, prayer, is the second pillar of the Islamic faith.

My first teacher on how to pray is no other than my Nanay. She taught me how to thank Papa Jesus for the food we have on the table, the house that protects us from cold, heat, rain and wind. She also told me to give thanks for the clothes that I wear and most especially, for my family.”

       “As I grew older, I learned in school how to attend Novenas and Masses, how to pray the Holy Rosary. I have said my own prayers like being thankful for the young boy who said I was pretty and for inspiring me. I prayed to give thanks for exams which I got high scores; for the medals every Recognition Day.”

       “In college, during my employment back home in the Philippines, I said words of thanks for each task done; for a raise in salary; for buying a gift for myself for all my working hours and days, among others.”

       “As an OFW Blogger here in Kuwait, prayer is my greatest source of strength to be able to wake up and face each full day ahead. Since I first came here in Kuwait a few years ago, my prayers became broad, seeking Divine Guidance and Divine Providence. I pray in my heart. I consider prayer as having a direct conversation with the Lord. To Him, I am neither  embarrassed nor ashamed about my thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations and convictions. He is a merciful God and I know that He will look upon me with mercy.”




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