The Five Pillars of Islam in relation to my Christian life

Since I was young, the Lord was my refuge.
Since I was young, the Lord was my refuge.

1) Shahada: Testifying to God’s One-ness:

The declaration “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.”

     “I was raised in believing that there is One God in Three Divine Persons; I still do. I have always respected other denominations before but when I came here in Kuwait, I have come to esteem even more, other Christian beliefs and of course, Islam faith and culture.”

     “Life was never easy for me, as far as I can remember. As the eldest, I was tasked to be responsible and strong at an early age. We’ve had a few relocations due to different reasons and making new friends was not easy. Somehow, I  was able to manage because when things got tough, there was only one anchor I clung onto; Jesus. ”

      “Now that I am an OFW Blogger in this part of the Middle East, my faith has sustained me through all the ups and downs that come with working far and away from my family and loved ones in the Philippines. All my thanks to the Lord Almighty, the Only One.”





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