Ramadan, in the eyes of children

Under Islamic law, children who have not yet reached puberty are not required to observe fasting. But families with children this age, teach them about devotion, generosity, good attitude and self-control. Here are a few things that adults prepare for the young minds.


  1. Read books to children about Ramadan. A bit of animation to explain some parts of the story will be appreciated too.
  2. Decorate the home with Ramadan symbols like crescent moons, stars and lights that twinkle. The children will always look forward to breaking the fast at night because the whole household will be lively and colorful.
  3. Teach children greetings appropriate for the Ramadan holiday. You can tell them to express this most especially when the family has relatives or friends over for “Iftar”.
  4. When preparing for “Iftar” or evening meal, make sure to ask help or participation from the children. They would be very happy to do so.
  5. Keep the children busy with Ramadan theme drawings, cut outs using silver or gold paper and hang these in some corner of your home.
  6. When celebrating Eid al-Fitr towards the end of Ramadan, Muslim children receive gifts like money or treats. Make it a very memorable occasion for them.



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