A Filipina RN’s Tunisian Ramadan

Jocelyn has been working as a Registered Nurse in Sfax City, Tunisia for three years now. We met online and have been exchanging messages and stories every now and then. As a Filipino Blogger in Kuwait, one of the questions I asked her once was about her experience of how Ramadan in observed in Tunisia.

“During the day‭, ‬Sfax is quiet because since its population is pre-dominantly Muslim, they are still sleeping at home or working less hours. ‬During Ramadan, I try to eat a heavier breakfast than usual, to sustain me through the day at the hospital. I do not eat or drink in public. My non-Muslim co-workers and I go to a vacant room and eat quietly. We also try to pack food that is not flavorful because the smell might distract the Muslims’ fasting.”

“It becomes a different scenario at night because there is merry making, lots of food and drink. Markets and restaurants are almost filled with customers while houses are always with guests or families. I do not have problems coming home late. I do not feel afraid to walk to where I live. Living in Tunisia has taught me to respect more other people’s customs and traditions and I think Ramadan is good because it instills discipline and on my part, I work more hours so I am happy with the overtime pay. I can send more to my family back home in the Philippines.”


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