A Kabayan Muslim convert observes Ramadan in France

Carmen is a school mate from college and I consider it very fortunate to have met her again on SNS. She is married to a Muslim Frenchman, mother of a pretty teenager; Carmen is now called Yasmeen and yes, she is a Muslim convert.

I once asked Yasmeen about Ramadan in France where she lives. Here is an interesting story. For one month, she refrains from eating or drinking from dawn to dusk, devotes more time to prayers, gives to charity and does some volunteering with her husband and 14 year old daughter.

Yasmeen’s family is part of a volunteer group that distributes rice, oil, fresh fruits and vegetables to less fortunate families, Christians and Muslims alike. The charitable act is usually held at a high school cafeteria in one of Paris’ suburbs. Iman, Yasmeen’s daughter is always looking forward to packing the bags of goods during Ramadan.

Yasmeen’s thoughts were, “As a Muslim woman, I go without food and drink everyday, from dawn to dusk, but that is only for a month. When I see the long line of people waiting patiently to be gifted a bag of food, they may have been with very minimal water and food for several days. That’s why my family and I, we try to intensify our charitable efforts most especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

I have known Carmen (Yasmeen) as a compassionate person and I am very thankful that she has remained that way after many years have passed between us.






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