My Muslim friends’ healthy fasting

My years of stay here in Kuwait have given me the opportunity to observe and experience a different and fascinating culture most especially the Muslims’ practices during Ramadan.

    Suhoor is the Islamic term that is considered breakfast consumed early in the morning by Muslims before they start their fasting during the day. For them, Suhoor is a blessing because it allows a person fasting to store enough energy to sustain him / her throughout the day before the evening meal (Iftar) comes later at night. It is very important not to skip this very early morning meal.

Muslim women friends told me that they try to eat nutritious meals, preferably fruits, cheese, breads, vegetables, lentils, beans, rice, cereals and other grains, a glass of milk during Suhoor .

Food consumed at Iftar can be heavy like meat, fish, poultry cooked with alternative methods like deep frying, shallow frying, grilling or baking. These cooking methods help retain the original flavor and taste of food. Juice beverages or yogurt are consumed as well.

Glasses of juice are commonly consumed during Iftar to aid digestion and refresh one's body.
Glasses of juice are commonly consumed during Iftar to aid digestion and refresh one’s body.




2 thoughts on “My Muslim friends’ healthy fasting

  1. Gil Camporazo says:

    I think that Muslim do fast without any preparation. Before they fast had already eaten a regular meal. In this case, this is quite different from other religious denominations.

  2. dimaks says:

    It must be noted that the foods prepared maybe considered heavy but they must be, as always, consumed with moderation. Getting thirsty and feeling hungry are innate part of fasting in Islam. Aside from spiritual cleansing, physical hunger and thirst are elements for you to realize how the needy and poor suffer. As an expected result, you tend to become compassionate and benevolent, hence continue to practice the other tenets like giving alms and such.

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