Random inspection in Jleeb, Benaid-Al Gar and Mangaf areas

Following the crackdown on illegal residents in the State of Kuwait, random inspection by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) were conducted in areas like Jleeb, Benaid- Al Gar and Mangaf over the past weeks. The teams were separately led by Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs, Maj. General Faisal Al-Nawaf for Jleeb where 200 expats have been arrested for various violations involving expired residency visas, working for people other than their sponsors, engaging in domestic labor while holding article 20 residency visas, among other things.

In Benaid Al-Gar area, the surprise checking was supervised by the acting MOI Undersecretary Lt.  General Sulaiman Fahad AL-Fahad  where a total of 750 expatriates were arrested for violating residency laws. Meanwhile, Brigadier Ghazi Al-Mai and his assistant, Colonel Najeeb Al-Shatti, resumed surprise inspection campaigns in Mangaf that resulted in the arrest of 120 undocumented workers.

The raiding teams are mostly comprised of officials from the immigration, traffic, Special Forces, detective teams, public relations and moral guidance departments. While commenting on the raid, MOI’s security media department urged both citizens and expats to hold their IDs at all times, as inspection campaigns will continue in order to track down, arrest and deport illegal residents and those violating Kuwait’s residency laws.


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