Green tea to the rescue!


Summer in Kuwait. The heat, the dust and restaurant hopping in line with work and pleasure can be considered the “culprits” for this reddish patches on my skin. Of course, I am asthmatic so skin asthma is very common for me anytime, anywhere.

Over the years, I have learned to take care of myself when unexpected allergies attack. Thank goodness I always have green tea coming in handy at the flat. So after steeping a tea bag, enjoying the tea itself while tolerably warm, I begin to dab the used tea bag on these reddish patches on my skin.

Green tea and other herbs truly have medicinal and health benefits. We must try them as often as we can. We must not forget that long, long time before, no matter where people came from, whatever their language and culture were, they all started with medicinal plants to cure ailments and illnesses.

Back to basics with herbs and the use of these moderately will not have a bad effect after all.


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