My day at The Avenues

Seems like a "space ship" of some sort? No, this is The Avenues mall in Kuwait.
Seems like a “space ship” of some sort? No, this is The Avenues mall in Kuwait.

The Avenues mall in Fifth Ring Road, Al – Rai is considered the largest shopping mall in Kuwait. It is home to well – known European brands of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories for children, women and men.International restaurants and cafes from all 5 continents abound to suit each expat’s taste. Its state of the art design and lighting catches everyone’s awe.

The Avenues is one of the concrete plans to transform Kuwait into a business and trade center, attracting the global market.  This is where elegance and style meet and perform well. As an OFW blogger, I have a schedule to maintain but I also would like to unwind when I feel pressure from work, homesickness and lethargy begin to take its toll on me.

“So…off to The Avenues I go to shop! Yes, you read it right, I shop. Window shopping half of the time I am at The Avenues. I feast my eyes on those signature brands that make many women like me mesmerized at the sight of these.  Sometimes, I wish that my parents were here with me so they too can see how large and beautiful this mall is. But then I remember, I have a family that needs my support back in the Philippines.”

“But I don’t totally hurt myself of the good feeling. And so, the other half of my time at The Avenues is spent wisely.  I eat !

It's still quite early so this cafe isn't yet full of customers.
It’s still quite early so this cafe isn’t yet full of customers.





11 thoughts on “My day at The Avenues

  1. Wanderer Juan says:

    The design of the mall is pretty impressive. It has a lot of creativity which makes shopping and dining a different kind of experience.

  2. marri says:

    SHOP ’til your EYES drop… OMG! This is such a high-end mall. Well, it’s better to buy what we need and not what we want especially when money does not come easy.

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