Advisory on prevailing conditions in the Middle East, part 2


1.  House wives with licenses be careful.Some are being confiscated or cut off.

2.  Housewives who secured licenses before they were employed – be careful; yours might be cut off too.

3.  Husband dropping wives or vice versa working for two different sponsors carry copy of marriage certificate as proof of relationship.

Tuitions, Baby sitting

1.  People travelling to Jleeb take care where you park and go to parties.

2.  House wives holding parties be careful.

3.  House wives holding classes be careful.

4.  Students going to unauthorized tuition be careful.

5.  Unlicensed baby sitting and day care be careful.

6.  Children of expats should carry Civil ID when going for partying at friends’ place and when not in school uniform.

Telephone, Cell phone and VOIP calls

1.  Those with pending dues with MEW telephones, internet and cell phones-pay-up and keep your services.

2.  VOIP calls are illegal. Avoid them for the time being. Skype, internet calling, mobile dialers on the phones are being inspected too.

3.  Avoid instruments from dialing points and corners – these are illegal

Parties and Late Night Outs

1.  Avoid late parties

2.  Avoid alcohol and drugs in your house

3.  Avoid large noise

4.  Avoid all unnecessary travel

Be careful of people posing as police officers and would want to search your house as they say it is just for checking. They may steal your IDs and valuables.







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