Civil ID guide for Kabayans

The very first thing I learned not to forget here in Kuwait is my Civil ID.
The very first thing I learned not to forget here in Kuwait is my Civil ID.

This is an important reminder to fellow Kabayans and other expatriates, whose present address is not the same with the one registered in his / her Civil ID. There is an urgent need for you to change this to avoid legal problems with the authorities here in Kuwait.

Please be guided according to these steps;

FIRST – purchase a brown envelope at any bookstore or jamiya in PACI South Surra. This envelope comes with a form that you must fill out correctly. In the form you will see PACI NUMBER; this number is the one you see just in front of your main door. This is the PACI Number of the Flat where you live. The PACI Number of the building is different.

Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) forms
Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) forms

SECOND – After filling up the form in the brown envelope, go to any government clinic and tell the reception that you are requesting for blood typing.

Blood typing at any government clinic
Blood typing at any government clinic

THIRD – After getting the result of your blood typing, go to PACI (South Surra), with the following requirements:

* Brown envelope with the form completely and correctly filled out, with your blood type and stamp from the government clinic

* Copy of house contract

* Civil ID copy of your flat holder

* Civil id copy of applicant

* Passport copy with residence of the applicant

* 2 photos with blue background

forms fill out
forms fill out

After checking if your requirements are complete, PACI will document your flat holder’s details and you will be asked to have your flat holder sign it. After you acquire your flat holder’s signature on the form, put all the required documents in the brown envelope  and write your Civil ID number on the envelope.

Since it is automated, insert the brown in the machine and wait for an envelope receipt to come out. It is very important that you keep this because if the police will check and asks about your address, just show the receipt and they will know that your change of address is in process.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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