A Spring in the desert

Me and my first godchild (inaanak) here in Kuwait, Franchesca.
Me and my first godchild (inaanak) here in Kuwait, Franchesca.

The years here in Kuwait have generally been kind to me, at least, that is what I want to think. That is how I want to look at my life here. It has not always been easy but I sure have been the given the chance to live and go on with a bit more comfort, as compared to other OFWs and kabayans.

I have met constant friends, true friends, people who regard me as a friend for a season (even if I know I have approached our friendship with care), people who think of me as a friend for a reason (it hurts to know that they call you “friend” only when they need something). Through all these, I will always be grateful for all kinds of friends who have come and gone in my life here in Kuwait.

My first godchild (inaanak, in Filipino) here in Kuwait is Franchesca. To me, she is like a spring in this desert kingdom. She embodies all the hope of her parents and the continuity of how kabayans work hard and take risks just to seek “greener pasture” and be able to lead better lives.

My inaanak Franchesca reminds me that I am not only an OFW Blogger in the Middle East, but I am first and foremost,  a person who nurtures friendship, accepts defeat, stands up after a fall and holds on to hope to make each day better than the previous one.

Just like a spring, she is so pure in my eyes. Franchesca, thank you for coming into my life.


One thought on “A Spring in the desert

  1. jane says:

    that is very sweet! Franchesca is indeed so cute and spring in the dessert where you are now. Babies always bring new life and positivty to everyone!

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