Beach Clean Up at Salmiya

Beach Clean Up, we can help save our environment.
Beach Clean Up, we can help save our environment.

Since the State of Kuwait is believed to be a fortress built near water, beach front residences and establishments are a very common sight here. Sometimes, progress can lead to pollutants in our important bodies of water. The same also goes here in Kuwait.

Not all expats and nationals here in Kuwait are disciplined when it comes to putting away their trash after a picnic or simple family bonding along the shoreline. Unknowingly too, they leave behind food wrappers, plastic cups and the like.

It is a good thing that the Philippine Embassy, with POLO and OWWA personnel, together with some Filipino Communities converged for a cleanup drive near Mc Donalds in Salmiya.

“Caring for our environment should not only be done in our home country, or host country. Everyday, we must all try to take part to help clean our surroundings and we could start by putting away trash in specific places. We should also consider the kind wellness of our future generation.”


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